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silence the mind

I wish I could slip into a nice Zen state of mind easily.  I really do!  My soul needs healing. Or, is it my mind?  It must be my mind because I have a monster headache. If only it was that easy.  Right now my husband is a grouchy bastard because he is home his one day a month and hates it.  Although, being a his house-wife is the best life ever and I have it, in his mind.  He is complaining that he is bored yet still can’t take his wrappers to the trash barrel.  My lil man is still buzzing from Easter candy. Yes, I do celebrate holidays not of my faith if it benefits my children.  As a bonus, Dylan is also addicted to video games after staying in the house all winter.  He and my husband both want the big T.V. in the livingroom. GRRR.  Maybe that push of energy we gave my big guy helped out!  Jared is not been causing much trouble at all.  He does know we did that because I showed him this blog.  He was asleep from 4pm til 10pm because he had a hook-up last night and two hours left before curfew now to go see her.  So why not just spell them all?   Why not make it so I am Queen of the Universe and have the 3 boys kissing my feet?  Surely then I could spend all my time meditating.  I could be at peace, my soul one with the universe, if I just whipped up a few spells.  It is easy enough to do especially since I am the one cleaning up after them.  There are plenty of opportunities to get hair after my husband gets out of the tub and I also have baby teeth from my boys.  So, linking them to a spell is the easiest part for once.  Linking is usually is the hardest part because you need the essence of the person you are spelling to be present in your circle.  I usually use dolls and ask the petitioner to give me hair.  Then I ask for all their information except their Social Security Number.  That’s not necessary.  Nor do I want them to think, I am stealing their identity(chuckle).  I like my identity and am pretty attached to it actually.  I let them drive me nuts because first of all I love them.  Second, I will never get in the way of their free will.  Unless one of my boys tried to marry the wrong girl, then I would have to.  Just kidding at least for now.  We are not that far into our journeys for that just yet. ****(Not finished from here. I ran out of all that free time the hubby thinks I have.)  Witchcraft isn’t make believe.  It can have effects long after the anger fades.  The only cursing I do is under my breath saying cuss words.  Although sometimes I want to turn them into a Stepford family I know better.  Thank Goddess!!




Pagan Parenting of a Teenager



I question.. How the hell do you teach respect to a teenager later in life? Should I cast a spell as a pagan mom just because I can?

 About a month ago my soon to be 17 year old son came to live with us. In truth he is my step-son (I hate using that term usually just say my son) and has never lived with us. I was never really allowed to have a say in any part of molding him, never asked for advice when it came to him, radio-silence when it came to raising Jared. Now he is living in our house was spoiled without consequence by my mother-in-law. He is a good kid inside but outside he is unpolished. I have been thinking and meditating and asking the universe to lend me a hand figuring out how to set him on the straight and narrow and want to be there. How do I make good look more appetizing to him than getting fucked up and hustling? My husband is doing great I think I am too establishing parameters. His learned behaviors are however hard to get him to stop doing. I am seriously considering on putting a spell on him. I wasn’t thinking so soon,this full moon, last night, though repeating myself is quite annoying.  There just hasn’t been a long enough adjustment period and things aren’t going very badly. BUT, and this is where I may have crossed the line a bit, I DID ask a friend to send some energy to lead him down the path and lit candles and incense on my altar as well to bolster her words sent today back to me through Facebook Messenger. White witches are not supposed to spell anyone if they are not asked to for that specific reason only too!  This was not a complete spell either, but it was putting this energy out into the universe with intent without his permission regardless. So this is where I realize that I am not as WHITE as I used to like to fancy myself. There is a spectrum to magick. This incident has had me questioning a lot about the things that are deep down hidden in me. I do need to find an answer some hidden wisdom on how to make this really work. I want him to have a good fulfilling life. I will keep you posted on how the push of energy towards him turns out.

Always try to act in Love.

Blessed Be,


Meeting Firespiritwitch


Find what sets your soul on fire and run towards it!
My name is Tracy. I first started looking into nature based religions at the age of 16 while wandering into the new age book section and buying my first book on it. After that I continued buying more and more books until behold a teacher had crossed my path at a tarot card reading party. I chose him as a teacher because while reading my cards he knew things that others did not just by laying a few cards on a table. I studied under Sabazius until I became a priestess in 2001 although I was doing spellwork (that did come to fruition) way before my initiation. When I met and moved in with my husband I fell away from it and without it in my life I can honestly say I lost my way. I started practicing again almost two years ago. It began with making connections through facebook and grew from there. The more I was immersed in a virtual world of people with similar views on spirituality the more I wanted to walk the talk as they say. So what started off as posting memes soon morphed into me practicing rituals again and now back to a bit of spell work. My children grew up mostly atheist we haven’t really had religion in our home before this. My husband, Matthew, and my oldest son Jared are basically atheist. My youngest son Dylan has a continued growing interest in mythology and the workings of crystals (names,meanings and uses). Once he grew out of the stage where he was afraid of me calling myself a witch because he believed that witches were scary, he likes to question and converse with me on subjects pertaining to my spirituality and get a better understanding of it. Blogging is the newest evolution in my spiritual journey, sharing my own and my family’s triumphs and challenges entwined with spirituality, everyday living, and new changes as I incorporate them into my family life with the world.
Welcome to my world.
Merry Meet
Always Blessed Be,

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